I am from Brazil so my inspiration comes from the heart, I love to add vibrant colors and a touch of warmth to the things I create. Here you will find pattern design for clothing and accessories, illustrations, animations, watercolor and mini sculptures.

Pattern Design

Patterns I created for a few clothing pieces and accessories that are inspired by brazilian fruits, animals, colors and soul.

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Brazilian Proverbs

A series of Brazilian proverbs I wanted to bring to life visually.

Cada macaco no seu galho! “Each monkey to their branch” This is a Brazilian saying to remind one to take cake of their own business. This is used to express that each person should be responsible for a particular task, function or topic, and not interfere with other people’s work or life when they are not asked to.

Lagrimas de crocódigo “Crocodile tears” I know this expression exits in English as well but I believ we use it way more often there. This is used when someone is crying “fake tears”or lying to you as they are crying/not having a genuine feeling.

A cobra vai fumar “The snake will smoke” This expression is used when there is going to be trouble or something crazy will happen. In US a similar expression would be “the storm is brewing”.


Watercolors, guache, and sculptures made in clay

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Creating things is what move me and makes me happy so there is always a small ideas or a thought that becomes a project.

I’m happiest when creating things, collaborating with others, and inspiring them.

These are the results when ideas meet free time.

In 2020 I draw a few of my favorite women and wrote bits about them to share on Instagram.

These illustrations are a product of watching tv and wanting to draw about it. I guess it is an open door to judge my taste in tv as well.

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