I’m a multifaceted creative based in Seattle, Washington.

With a little over 10 years of professional experience as a visual designer I have worked on a multitude of projects in a variety of mediums: digital, print, physical products, sculptures, web and marketing.

Below are a few of the major projects & case studies I've worked on in recent years, including personal projects and work from my last role as a Visual Designer & Animator at Amazon.

Illustration & Animation: Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon eGift Cards provide a convenient gifting option for millions of customers worldwide. As the Animator and Visual Designer for the gift cards team I have created over 60 designs including CIU designs (Custom image upload: where customers can upload their own photo to a design). This is a collection of some of my favorite designs that I illustrated and animated for Amazon for all types of occasions/holidays.


Brand Identity: Amazon Internal Team

Often I receive requests that are very broad, like this one to redesign the Amazon Enviroment Health and Safety navigation page for a global launch of their new resources. The request was to make it look *fresh* and easier to navigate. Here I explain how a redesign with clear and cohesive brand identity helped hundreds of employees.


Experience & Visual Design: The Kids Turn

Healthy snacks help to satisfy hunger between meals and boost energy. They can also round out the diet, ensuring that children are getting all of the nutrients they need to fuel their growth and development. Here I showcase my research and process to create an experience for kids.


More projects

I am from Brazil so my inspiration comes from the heart, I love to add vibrant colors and a touch of warmth to the things I create. Here you will find pattern design for clothing and accessories, illustrations, animations, watercolor and mini sculptures.

In 2020 I draw a few of my favorite women and wrote bits about them to share on Instagram.

Get in touch

Whether you’re a creative, potential employer, or have Seattle food/coffee suggestions. I’d love to chat. I am also open to discussing select freelance projects.
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