projects full of heart

I am from Brazil so my inspiration comes from the heart, I love to add vibrant colors and a touch of warmth to the things I create. Here you will find pattern design for clothing and accessories, illustrations, animations, watercolor and mini sculptures.

In 2020 I draw a few of my favorite women and wrote bits about them to share on Instagram.

These illustrations are a product of watching tv and wanting to draw about it. I guess it is an open door to judge my taste in tv as well.

A few of the projects I worked on from 2018 - 2021 while in the Signage team at Amazon.

During quarantine I participated on a challenge of drawing one thing everyday until I covered all the letters of the alphabet.

A few of the characters, patterns, and packages I have designed

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Whether you’re a creative, potential employer, or have Seattle food/coffee suggestions. I’d love to chat. I am also open to discussing select freelance projects.
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