Illustration & Animation: Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon eGift Cards provide a convenient gifting option for millions of customers worldwide. As the Animator and Visual Designer for the gift cards team I have created over 60 designs including CIU designs (Custom image upload: where customers can upload their own photo to a design). This is a collection of some of my favorite designs that I illustrated and animated for Amazon for all types of occasions/holidays.

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Design Process


I generally identify the possible design solutions by collecting feedback from stakeholders of different locales. This way I can understand the occasions or holidays that are missing from their catalog or need updating.

For example, Australia was using mostly designs that were created with a world wide perspective. However for the Christmas holiday season specifically the team tested Aussie focused designs. These designs which are specific to Australia (with summer-y scenarios and filled with local animals) have outperformed all other Christmas designs during Q4 (2021).

The data showed that designs that are more relatable to Aussies got more traction and better feedback from customers.

A simple example of a design created without Australia in focus is: any Christmas scenes that feature snow. Christmas actually occurs during the summer season in Australia (no snow) so this type of design creates a gap between us and our customers.


Once the occasions/holidays that were lacking diversity on the catalog were identified, I came up with possible options to move forward on. These were low-fidelity sketches that were presented to several stakeholders and other designers to be voted on before going to high-fidelity.

Birthday Sketches
Father's Day Sketches
Everyday Gifting/Thank You Sketches


After seeing my sketches, the stakeholders and I talked through solutions for the sentiment (copy) and design style to move forward. Below you can see the winners in high fidelity:

Birthday Deliverable
Animals Design - Happy Birthday!

Father's Day Deliverables
Platypus Design - Dad, you are not like the otters

Koala Design with Ururu on the background - You're a koalaty dad

Everyday Gifting/Thank You Deliverables
Kangaroo Design with typical flowers from Australia - You're a legend

One of the best sellers eGiftCards that I created being advertised at

Accumulating 5 star reviews, my designs had its success measured by customers.

Another milestone was that 2 of my gift card designs were in the top 5 sellers in 9 different countries (including US) for over 6 months.

Reviews Left for My Designs

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